Which Institutes Produce The Wealthiest Graduates?


Leaving your home country to study abroad is a huge step. Many prospective international students can’t help but look to the future and wonder what will happen after they graduate – where they will be employed, what their role will be and how much they might earn in their first career after leaving an international university.

In fact, studies indicate that earning potential is a huge deciding factor in choosing where to study, with things like average salaries and potential routes to promotion becoming key areas of research before taking the leap and enrolling on a higher education programme abroad.

The true definition of success is subjective, but for many of us, wealth is the best way to measure it. Thanks to this fascinating data visualization from findcourses.co.uk, we can see which universities produced the world’s wealthiest graduates, as featured in the Forbes billionaires list.

The great news is that a broad range of institutes around the world produce billionaires: not just the usual suspects. While some universities have a knack for churning out alumni who go on to amass huge fortunes, you don’t necessarily need to study at Harvard or Yale to become a billionaire.

These findings go to show that while where you study is important; your choice of institute or country will not necessarily determine your future success. Wherever your higher education occurs, it’s down to you to make the most of it!