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Top 5 Safety Tips For International Students In The UK


Moving abroad to pursue a course is an emphatic feeling altogether. Even amongst so many lucrative destinations, the UK is arguably the most preferable stop for students. Surrounded by the enthusiasm for this incredible new venture, the delight at the freedom you’ll get, and even the anticipation to make new friends. I understand that it’s frank to be nervous and a little concerned about your safety.

Although the risk of undergoing violence or hostility is fortunately very low, you do need to be cautious, especially when you’re in a new setting with distinct people. By taking some simple, necessary precautions, you can efficiently diminish the hazards and take command of your safety.


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Here are five basic tips to ensure your safety:

  1. Save the emergency contacts: When you move into the UK, the first thing you shall do is to get hold of the emergency contacts of the city you’re about to stay in. Necessarily, the police, Ambulance, and Fire departments’ can be promptly reached out by dialing 999 or 112.
  2. Ensure your health support: Usually, the health authorities from your home country would be able to provide you with health and wellness support facilities in the UK. Before you travel to the UK, enquire with the authorities about the same. In case you aren’t entitled to the coverage of treatment by the ‘National Health Service’ in the UK, you are supposed to get yourself a health insurance policy before you move in.
  3. Secured Accommodation: Choosing a place where you can reside in peace and comfort is a crucial and challenging task because it will be your home for the next few years. Of course, you can always change your residence, but frankly, even you’d want to spend a hassle-free stay in a single place. If possible, before you move, take a tour of the area so that you can see how it feels. If unable to visit, you can take an online tour and research about the neighborhood.
    Once moved in, keep your doors and windows locked properly, especially when you go out. If you notice anything dubious, report it to your accommodation security and staff. It might turn out to be nothing harmful, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Also, be sure of who your flatmates are before you decide to move in.
  4. Be alert in crowded areas: Being in a congested area is often unavoidable, for example, traveling through the metro or bus, attending a concert, being in a movie theater, partying in a club, and many other cases. It can often get tricky and dangerous in such situations. Pickpocketing episodes are not the only reason you must be on your toes in packed places. Avoid narrow or isolated lanes; it can be easy targets for muggers. Ensure someone knows where you’re going, who you’re meeting, and when you’d be expecting to return.
  5. Keepsafe your belongings: We often tend to be carelessly hurling around our phone, wallet, and other essentials when in our room. Nothing wrong with being casual but make sure to look after your valuables. Don’t stack all the cash in your wallet; leave some aside in another place as well. Or you might consider placing cash in the wallet and credit/debit cards, and other important IDs elsewhere or vice-versa. Having at least one of them with you in case your wallet gets robbed is priceless.


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