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From the built environment to the natural environment, from social inequity to diminishing biodiversity, this planet and its inhabitants are increasingly stressed. Yet Earth remains the only place that we have to live. We need it. So we need to solve the problems we’ve created. The smart ideas – the sustainable solutions – happen when the experts come together. We want to build a generation of fearless, inquisitive thinkers who embrace change and can come up with positive, sustainable solutions.

The Monash Master of Environment and Sustainability will give you skills from many disciplines to build on your passion to create a thriving, more equitable world. The course is full of options.  Core units allow you to analyse how nature, society and the economy interact and depend on each other. Then you choose one of five specialisations:
  • Corporate environmental and sustainability management
  • Environment and governance
  • Environmental security
  • International development and environment
  • Leadership for sustainable development.
Plus, you can accelerate your practical skills by developing or joining an interdisciplinary project to help drive innovation. Alternatively, you could take an internship to practise your skills in the field, or write a research thesis that will help you move into a PhD.

This course is built on the idea that the world’s problems are complex and need multidisciplinary solutions, so it’s designed to attract a mix of expertise. In this course, every student is a global student and you will study with students from around the world passionate about making a difference. You will be able to use your new skills to advance sustainability solutions in your current sector, or move into a new career. It might be in governance and regulatory advice, capacity building, public education, environmental security, or human rights. You could be building sustainable cities, or arresting the loss of biodiversity. You could be formulating policy or working to achieve social equity.

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