Indian student at Southern Arkansas University

John Kennedy Rudrapaty, Southern Arkansas University


Why did you choose to study in the USA?
American education system is one of the best higher education systems in the world, with advanced technology and research. Studying in America enables one to embrace diversity and grow personally and academically.

What do you like most about Southern Arkansas University?
The professors are friendly and helpful, which makes classes more interesting. Southern Arkansas University gives its students flexibility in choosing the curriculum in any given semester. This school also has excellent infrastructure, and I personally really like the climate.

What do you like the most about Arkansas?
The people. I like it that they respect their traditions but at the same time are very open to other cultures.

Did you face any kind of “culture shock” when you arrived?
I personally didn’t face any culture shock, since the people here are warm, welcoming and helpful. I felt at home right away.

Do you have some tips about how to save money while studying abroad?
Stay focused, keep reminding yourself of the reason you’re here, and avoid unnecessary expenditures on unhealthy habits.

How do you think you will benefit from your study abroad?
Studying abroad enhances your confidence, knowledge, interpersonal skills and helps develop your personality, which certainly makes you stand out. It opens doors for great employment opportunities.

What advice would you give to an Indian student who will travel abroad to study for the first time?
Believe in yourself, work hard, stay focused and don’t get carried away by the liberty of staying away from parents so you don’t end up doing things that may ruin your career.