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Guide to Finding Student Accommodation in the UK



Studying abroad is just like a dream come true for an international student. As a young student coming to a new country for higher education, finding a suitable apartment can be a little stressful.

The UK is one of the most admired study abroad destinations globally as it is home to several globally ranked universities and colleges. Unsurprisingly, there are some excellent student properties in the UK, considering the population of international students.

In the UK, on-campus accommodation is a popular choice but has limited availability, and there are several rules & regulations to be followed. Off-campus accommodation, on the other hand, provides more facilities and does not bind you with many restrictions and there are many great student accommodation facilities available near the universities.

In this blog, we’ll provide you with some information about the types of accommodations in the UK. It’ll help you to find the best student property for yourself.


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Student Halls

In the UK, student hall of residence means student housing or students dorms. There are two types of student halls: the university hall and the private dorm located outside the University campus.

These dormitories usually consist of up to 10 rooms on a floor sharing the common areas like the kitchen, living room or reading room. Usually all these rooms have a shared bathroom facility.

A significant benefit of living in student halls of residence is that you can interact with other students around you. You have the option to choose between catered or non-catered student halls. You will receive three meals a day in the catered halls and still have access to the shared kitchen. Also, there are various room types to choose from like single bedrooms or double bedrooms, depending on your budget.

Your life may become more comfortable if you stay in the university halls as they are located on campus, which means you do not need any public transport. You just need to wake up, get dressed, and you’re ready to go to class!

To apply in the university halls, you need to send an email once you’ve been selected in the university. The university rooms may have limited availability, so it’s better if you apply quickly.

Private Student Accommodation

This is another student housing option available where you can rent a room in private student accommodation. There are several room options for university students like en-suites, private rooms, twin rooms, and studio apartments. Renting a private residence can also be an excellent option for you if it fits your budget. According to a survey in 2017, 62% of the students lived off-campus without their parents.

While booking private student accommodations online, you should check if the site is secure and read the student property reviews to avoid any scam. As a student, don’t forget to check the distance between your accommodation and the university or the surrounding market area for convenience. For example, in Sheffield, Hollis Croft is an excellent student accommodation as it is just 10 minutes’ walk away from the University of Sheffield.

Flats and Houses

Some university students also prefer renting a house or a flat, which is also competitively cheaper than student halls. According to a survey of 31 thousand students in the UK in 2019, living in a private property rented from a landlord with a partner or alone proved to be the best value for money.

There are several websites which provide private flats and rooms for university students. The rooms near the university campus can be slightly expensive. Therefore, as a student, you should try to find a house close to the bus station or any other public transport service for your convenience.


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As an international student, staying away from home can leave you feeling homesick, and for that homestay is the perfect cure. Staying with a native family will also give you a deep insight into their culture and traditions.

Also, if the family has previous experience in hosting students, you’ll have a pleasant stay. When staying with a family, you don’t need to worry about your meals or bills as everything would be included in your rent.

Although, there might be some rules or instructions that you’ll be expected to follow when living with a family, however, interacting and communicating with the family will give you an experience of a lifetime.

Documents Required

You might not require as many documents if you live with your landlord, but you’ll need some paperwork to book your accommodation through an agency or a website. You should always make sure that you’ve got a written contract.

When booking through an agency or online site, you’ll be required to sign a contract, and some might even ask you to pay one month rent in advance and deposit, which will be returned after the rental agreement ends.

Hopefully, by now you’ve got a brief idea about student accommodation in the UK. Check out Amberstudent to get the best pocket-friendly student housing options in the UK for yourself.