Creative Studies in Argentina


If you’re into creative studies, Brother Escuela de Creativos in Buenos Aires is the perfect school to enhance your creative advertising skills. Brother Escuela de Creativos is a Buenos Aires-born private school with dozens of different certificate courses in the fields of advertising, communications planning, social media, lettering and typography, and digital media. With the motto “Sos lo que hacés”, or “You are what you make”, this school lives by the mantra that the time to begin is now, and that if you leave it for later, you’ll regret it.

Brother is located in other 9 cities besides Buenos Aires and has online courses as well. The awards and recognition it has received prove its worldwide fame of one of the best creative schools in the Latin America: since 2011 it is recognized by the Argentinian Circle of Creative professionals as the most creative school in the country, besides the recognitions of students in the regional and international festivals of El Ojo, Cannes Young Lions, and El Diente.

I had the privilege of studying in Brother for 4 months in 2018 and living in one of the most creative cities of Latin America – Buenos Aires, Argentina. Orchestrated by Juan Rezzónico, the academic environment and the city are both very vibrating and are meant to stimulate your ability to come up with good ideas. Located in Palermo Cañitas, very near Belgrano, the school is near multiple bus stops, cafés, restaurants, and is filled by a contagious atmosphere of competitive personal growth among the students. After all, everyone that studies at Brother knows the school has a reputation to live up to.


la boca


My experience in Brother definitely led me to fall in love again with my profession. I graduated from an intensive spring break program along with other foreign students: between locals and expats, there were 20 of us divided between Art Direction and Copywriting. We focused on creative briefs that required an integrated solution of ideas, strategy, and execution. Every week there were at least 4 new assignments to be delivered, shared with the professors and classmates, who then gave us critical feedback for improving the sketches, concepts and points of view over a problem. At the end of the course the idea is to put together a very solid creative portfolio and schedule interviews with ad agencies.

Every teacher at Brother has hands-on experience in local or international agencies; many of them still work full-time during the day and teach at Brother by night. This is great, not only for networking, but also for staying up to date with recent campaigns and latest news.

The Spring Break classes focus on: copywriting, art direction, ideas workshop and digital. Besides working on weekly assignments, there were tons of extra projects teams could lean into, such as external competitions promoted by creative festivals, an “exchange program” done with the Uruguayan students based at Brother Montevideo, and the infamous book party – meant for presenting students to investors and professionals who could potentially hire them after graduation.

Studying at Brother is a game changer for anyone who aspires to become a full-time creative professional and break a leg in the industry.

Nathalia Matychevicz from Brazil