Business Study in the UK


Professor Julia Clarke, Chair, Chartered Association of Business Schools and Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Business and Law, Manchester Metropolitan University

The UK is a fantastic place to study business. In a recent study by CarringtonCrisp, amongst students from 74 different countries, the UK was seen as the top destination for the quality of its universities and business schools – and for good reason.

Globally, the UK is perceived as the most welcoming destination for international students and having the most attractive lifestyle. While it is a small country, the UK has huge diversity, spanning large cites to its idyllic countryside, encompassing different cultures, languages, faiths, cuisine, culture, and sport.

English is the language of international business and studying here is a great opportunity to develop and practice language skills. Most UK universities offer language support to international students.

In the latest QS World University Rankings, UK universities account for 18 of the top 100 institutions. Business and administration studies is comfortably the most popular field of study in the UK and there are over 100 world class business schools to choose from.

Cardiff University graduation

UK institutions offer a huge selection of courses encompassing both undergraduate degrees, postgraduate Masters and doctorates. UK general business degrees normally cover a variety of areas including accounting, finance, marketing, economics, law, and HR. Many degrees will allow you to choose optional modules as part of your course to focus on specific business areas. Alternatively, you can choose degrees which are dedicated to specific aspects of business, such as accounting and finance or marketing.

 UK business schools work closely with companies and through these partnerships offer students a wealth of real-life business experience through, for example, industry projects. A common feature of an undergraduate business degrees is an industry placement year, in which students can work for an organisation as part of the course of study. Placements are not guaranteed, and students must apply for places, but most universities will support students in this process.  Some Masters programmes also include internships.

The flagship business qualification is the MBA, and the UK is home to some of the best MBA programmes in the world. Of the 100 top schools in the latest Financial Times Full Time MBA rankings, 14 UK schools are represented. Most UK business schools offer MBA programmes, giving potential students a huge variety of programmes and institutions to choose from.  The UK along with the US remains one of the primary destinations for MBA applicants.

 Career wise, a UK business education should be a good investment, with its academic qualifications recognised and respected globally by employers. The UK also has a thriving start-up scene with several UK universities having their own entrepreneurial centres, supporting students in establishing their own companies, and developing entrepreneurial skills.

With academic excellence going back hundreds of years, combined with modern business innovation, the UK is a vibrant, diverse, and fun destination for business education.

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