Ashish an Indian student at WIU

Ashish, Western Illinois University


Ashish is an Indian student studying at Western Illinois University

Why did you choose to study in the US?
As we all know, the United States is a land of opportunities.  It is a dream of every foreign student to study here and experience the world-class quality education. It is a very common dream of Indian students to study in the United states and almost 16% of students fly here from India.

I am among those who came here to fulfill my childhood dreams.

What do you like most about the school?
I study in the Computer Science department.  I really liked the course work here compared to other universities, which rank similar to WIU. The cultural activities that WIU conducts got my attention and I was happy that I could share my culture here.  I also felt that the international students are really well taken care of in all aspects.

Ashish at WIU library

What do you like the most about Macomb?
Macomb is a very peaceful place with a very good environment to study.  Above all, the transportation that is provided by the university is impressive.  The city of Macomb and all the nearby attractions are within the reach of University transportation.

Did you face any kind of “culture shock” when you arrived?
No, I did not face any such shock.  I like the way people greet you here with a smile on their face when they see you.

Do you have some tips about how to save money while studying abroad?
The best thing about Macomb is that it is very economical for students.  We can save money in terms of rentals, groceries and transportation. Since I live with my friends and share the expenses, it is very easy for me to save money.

Ashish oustside class at WIU

How do you think you will benefit from your study abroad?
We get a lot of international exposure and get an idea of how to present ourselves in front of this competing global world. We also get exposure to American culture.  My communication skills and personality skills have improved and I am ready to step into the professional world.  I am ready to present myself anywhere now.

What advice would you give to an Indian student who will travel abroad to study for the first time?
I want them to know that studying in the United States is not as hard as they might expect.  They just need to work hard.  There are challenges in everything, but once those are overcome the results will be fruitful. There might be sudden changes in terms of culture, getting used to the accent, food habits and working habits. I would encourage them to be ready for these changes and enjoy their time here. That’s the key to happiness.