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Akash, University of Iowa


Akash, University of IowaFrom: Pune, India
Studying: Environmental Science, Mathematics, University of Iowa


Akash loves attending the University of Iowa because the diversity and helpful nature of the people.

“There are people from various countries and cultures and it is great to be friends with them and share our cultural experiences,” says Akash.

Although he is a long ways away from his hometown of Pune, India. Akash is making himself right at home at the University of Iowa.

“People are really helpful here,” says Akash. “In my first semester, I had to undergo a lung surgery and I have no family here. However, I had more than forty friends who came to visit me and took care of me until the time I was back on my own feet.”

Akash has two pieces of advice for prospective students.

“Firstly, come to the University of Iowa and get the extraordinary pride of being a Hawkeye! Secondly, engage in all the different activities and grab all opportunities that you get.”

Activities that Akash is involved in:


Lab Assistant in the Chemistry Lab
Environmental Coalition
Student Garden
Production Stage Manager