10 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad


  1. You will become more independent. Whether you’re traveling outside of the country for the first time, or even living alone for the first time, studying abroad pushes you to become independent and self-sufficient.
  2. You’ll learn about another culture. Studying abroad exposes you to new people, a new way of life, and a new culture. Our society is more global than ever, and these experiences will expose you to different types of people that will make you a better employee, student, and person overall.
  3. You’ll stand out to future employers. You’ll gain valuable skills studying abroad, and employers will take notice.
  4. You’ll broaden your education. No matter the field you’re in, studying abroad will simply expose you to new paths to pursue your passions, or even investigate new ones.
  5. You’ll learn more about yourself. When you remove yourself from an environment you feel comfortable in, you should expect a lot of personal growth to happen. Even in the most stressful moments of homesickness, language barriers, and dealing with foreign currency, you’ll learn to rise to the occasion and find out what you’re truly made of.
  6. You’ll gain valuable travel skills. Traveling well is indeed a skill, and it’s one that all global citizens should have.
  7. You’ll expand your network. Whether or not you’re bonding with someone else from your country who is on the trip with you, or making friends with a local, expanding your network is great for your social life, your career, and your own growth.
  8. You’ll immerse yourself in a new language. There is no better place to learn a language than in a country where the language is spoken natively.
  9. You’ll go on new adventures. You don’t even need to hike a mountain to go on a study abroad adventure – trying a new food might be adventure enough. But you’re still exposing yourself to new things you wouldn’t be able to expose yourself to at home.
  10. You’ll bring all of these new skills home with you!

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